Our location

A stone's throw from Turku

Hotel Kivitasku is situated by Kaarina central square, approximately 7 kilometers from Turku center.By public transport the travel time to Turku center is 20 minutes with busses leaving from a stop 50 meters from the hotel.

Easy access in the middle of Kaarina

Hotel Kivitasku is one of the central landmarks that define the center of the city of Kaarina. All local services, ranging from supermarkets to a library, are within 250 meters from the hotel. The hotel offers excellent free parking both on and off hotel premises.Kivitasku can be easily reached from the national highway number 1 (Turku-Helsinki) within 3 minutes as well as from the Turku center by using the route 110.

Alongside the archipelago ring road

The Archipelago Trail (also called The Archipelago Ring Road) offers a stunning pass through the Turku archipelago. Hotel Kivitasku is located just on the trail, offering you the chance to have a peaceful good night’s sleep in Kaarina before continuing on with the trail.Additionally, Hovirinne beach is located 3km from the hotel, providing a refreshing scene for sunny summer days.A bit further in the Kuusisto Island you can find the historic ruins of the Kuusisto Castle.

Hotel Kivitasku